British Je Joue Men's Mio Vibration Lock Fine Penis Collar Couple Adult Sex Toys

Men's and women's Mio vibration lock fine ring penis collar men's and women's resonance Mio improve your happiness index

  • Brand: Je Joue
  • Product Code: 2009
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Buy British Je Joue men and women Mio vibration lock fine penis ring men and women resonance Mio to improve your happiness index, 7 modes and 5 strengths, silent, safe, waterproof, recharge, no dirt and dirt, easy to clean, use human Engineering design, it can tighten the male roots, prevent blood reflux from increasing the hardness to a certain extent, skin-friendly silicone does not contain phthalates, and the soft touch is full of female appeals. A variety of sports combinations can be selected for a deeper and richer feeling. Your favorite ocean, play all kinds of Qin Shui love and love methods, bathtub, shower, swimming pool, silent design is like whispering gently in the ears, in the dormitory, in the car, in the office, just play as you want, magnetic Button charge, charge for 3 hours and enjoy the pleasure of three hours for a long time. Mio has two special effects. First, it improves male ability. It can tighten male roots and prevent blood flow. It must increase hardness in Chengdu. Second, it stimulates the vulva. Dense beans, but when in love, the male roots cannot stimulate the secret beans. The appearance of Mio mio has made men maneuverable and women happy. Vancouver Sex Network

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