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晚12点半,在手机上刷完朋友圈、逛好淘宝后,Lucy打开电脑,点开一个隐藏得很深的文件夹,选一个视频文件,一手点击播放,一手启动放在床头的紫色震动棒。 这是Lucy大部分晚上的例行活动。 26岁,单身,独自生活在上海的她,用这种方式给自己高潮,舒缓白天的压力。 作者:中国三明治(来自豆瓣)

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Survey shows Australian women have the world's largest purchasing power of sex toys

A new study shows that Australia is the only country in the world where women buy more sex toys than men. And although the products loved by different countries are different, Australian buyers prefer...

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20 perfect solutions for sex attraction

The men and women in love have an inseparable love, and the husband and wife who share the same sentiment are also like me. People naturally think that this is an emotional factor, but there is also a...

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