FunFactory StronicReal simulation point pulse male and female automatic thrusting vibrator (purple and flesh)

Front and rear dot pulse pumping technology German Red Dot Award design, invincible hands-on feel

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Ghost Warrior Stronic series Real simulation point pulse vibrator, pulse technology and super simulation stick body to liberate your hands, the top is a super simulation of male penis design, and Stronic series G vibrator is the flagship product of the funfactory brand. , IPX7 grade waterproof, EU standard certificate, ABS resin material, German medical soft, velvety and delicate touch, irregular tip, easy to find your G point, silent design below 50 decibels, CNC magnetic charging technology gently Just inhale, the size suitable for Asians allows your G-spot to enjoy the fun of fish and water. The G-spot is the texture of the erectile tissue located on the front wall of the vagina, surrounding the urethra and the base of the bladder. When stimulated, there will be Strong reaction leads to a deeper and fuller orgasm, but G-spot orgasm is difficult to obtain, because her response to heavy pressure is better than light pressure, which requires accurate and continuous stimulation. StronicReal was born for this purpose. Point the climax as the mission.

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