Japanese famous brand TENGA elegant aircraft cup men's electric vacuum electric controller

The vacuum controller that releases the soul and the aircraft cup are compatible with the tenga aircraft cup with the thrill of sucking

  • Brand: Tenga
  • Product Code: 2015
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Buy electric vacuum controller from Japan TENGA elegant, electric vacuum suction controller for aircraft cups, fun accessories, masturbation has served each other since then, deep throat masturbation masturbation love can only be too active, true and deep What the larynx experience requires is passive stimulation that is conquered indecently. tenga ancestor series cup masturbation cup, created the future of masturbation through top technology and safe materials, the new electric vacuum controller, through the realization of Zhiqiang's automatic vacuum sucking pleasure, allows users to concentrate more on the experience of deep throat pleasure, replace The battery design is convenient for charging in a timely manner. As long as four No. 7 batteries are installed, it can be used, and you don't have to worry about finding a charging line in an emergency. TENGA's official accessories, sublime masturbation. The electric vacuum controller allows masturbation to be served from now on, and the heating rod keeps the warmth that enters the body. Featured Free Shipping Vancouver Canada www.vanmm.com

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